Monday, 8 April 2013

MSP's Awful Warning System!

I got warned 3 times this morning! For hardly any reason at all!

1. For writing the word 'idiot' in a sentence on a fourm- I was using thing to describe One Direction because of how much I hate them, not another user.

2. For writing 'lay down'. - Not meant in a sexual way if that's what they were thinking. I was typing "I'm going to lay down on the floor and cry becuase you think that One Direction are a band. THEY'RE NOT! They're a group!"

3. For drawing a Pikachu on my profile made out of symbols!? Like, WHAT THE HELL!? O.O I drew it like this:
(O^.^O) \

And they took it off! They deleted it from my profile and warned me saying I'm not allowed!? I didn't even do anything the slightest bit offensive that time!? It's just over the top. Please tell me if you can see anything offensive about my poor little Pikachu. Thank you.

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