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Hi there!

This page is just a bit about me. I made it simply becuase I'm a self-centered person who wants to go on about herself...Or for you guys to read... xDDD Hahaha sorry, anyways...

Name: Bubblegum :3
Age: 15
Reason why I'm still on MSP at my age: I have no idea, but I'm online everyday. ADDICTED.
Live in: UK, Essex, In a house
Born: 26 January 1998
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Dyed blonde but naturally brown.
Phone: iPhone 4S
Hobbies: Inline roller skating, listening to music, playing guitar
Languages spoken: English - Well, duh. A bit of German and French
Favourite colours: Pink, black, neon green, blue, purple, bright orange, bright yellow, red
Favourite foods: Anything chocolate, chips, chicken nuggets, KFC, Subway, pizza, Chinese, burger, cookies
Favourite drinks: Beer, lemonade, Coke/Pepsi, grape juice, milk, water
Favourite TV shows: Eastenders, Waterloo Road, Miranda, Britains Got Talent
Favourite band: Bowling For Soup
Favourite singer: Jaret Reddick
Favourite types of music: Rock, Punk Rock, Techno, Hard House, Trance, Rap, Hip-Hop
Favourite songs: Punk Rock 101, 1985, High School Never Ends, Let's Go To The Pub, When We Die, Almost, The Bitch Song, S-S-S-Saturday, Girl All The Bad Guys Want
Favorite subject: Maths
Least favourite food: Brussel sprouts
Least favourite drinks: Wine, orange squash, tea & coffee
Least favourite TV show: The X Factor (It's all a fix)
Least favourite band: I don't have any bands I really dislike, but I hate the GROUP One Direction. One Direction are a group, NOT a band. They do not stand on stage and play instuments. They stand and sing. KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.
Least favourite singer: Justin Bieber (YUCK!)
Least favourite type of music: Recent pop music
Least favourite subjects: English, science, French, German, history, P.E

Random other stuff :3 ...

. I love animals and have laods of pets.
. I have ear stretchers in my lobes :P One is 10mm, the other is 12mm.
. I like being the opposite to everyone else.
. I usually get on better with people older than me rather than younger people or people my own age.
. I wouldn't care if One Direction dropped dead.
. One Direction are a girl group. Not a boy band.
. I HATE being normal.
. I love being immature and idiotic.
. I love peeing people off. Especially little kids.
. Feel free to follow me on Twitter - @JenniferBFSrock

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