My MSP Music Videos

Hey guys, some of you may know that I make MSP music videos. I don't do it as a regular thing because it takes so long. Usually if I have some time to myself and have a favourite song I'll make one. Unless it's the holidays I'm usually busy with school work and exams so I don't make loads. You may not like the kind of music I like or the songs but hey, I'll post them here anyway, feel free to look if you want. Some I made a while ago and my music taste has changed since then. Alot. Description BELOW the video.

Most recent one I've made. Managed to get it on MSP TV.
Here's To Never Growing Up by Avril Lavgine

This is the song Wild Ones by Flo Rida featuring Sia. Cool song. Took quite a while to make.

This is Moment 4 Life. A Nicki Minaj song. I made this one quite quickly and rushed it a little so it's not the best, but I did but in a little bit of effort. Enjoy.

Pound The Alarm by Nicki Minaj. To be honest, I actually forgot I made this :') xD

I've always liked this song. For years now. Bedrock by Young Money (If you like Nicki Minaj song, it has Nicki Minaj in it ;D) Made it quite a while ago :P

Yet again ANOTHER Nicki Minaj song. This is a lovely song. I put a decent amount of effort into this. Marilyn Monroe by Nicki Minaj.

This is my most recent MSP MV. It's a song called Punk Rock 101 by my favourite band called Bowling For Soup. Their genre of music is Punk/Rock. (You may have guessed by the song title.) They're a rock band with a bit of punk style mixed in but they are generally more tuneful than full punk music. They're brilliant and sadly it's the last year that they're touring the UK this year :( We all still love them though <3 Here it is, if you like it or not: Punk Rock 101 by Bowling For Soup!


Starships by Nicki Minaj is the first MSP music video I ever made. I made it on my old account (Which is locked forever or for like 200 years) Cool girl 26. I got it to level 12 as well. Lol. But then I decided to start getting on peoples nerves and I decided I would like to get myself banned forever. To tell you the truth, MSP put up with me for a heck of a long time before they banned me for life. If you want to see that my Cool girl 26 account is locked, the password is:ymcmb4life





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  1. Your Awsome i wish i could dress in msp like that without anyone judging me but its not gonna work so keep doing your thing girl :3