Sunday, 14 April 2013

Heyya 8)

Hey guys,
Sunday 14th of April today. My 1 year anniversary. Lol - Don't ask, that was really irrelevant. Forget I said anything.

I bought VIP yesterday. 3 months :) Not giving out any gifts because I'm selfish. You should know that by now ;) I think I have tomorrow off school, although I haven't checked yet. Don't really want to. However, I do have a TON of food technology work I need to catch up on tomorrow. I also have exams starting from when I first go back and I haven't even had 1 glance at my exam timetable. Perhaps I should look at it in a bit.... But for now, I'm happy, just sitting in my room, chillin', with a nice cold beer. It's fairly warm outside today. That's amazing considering how the English weather has been for the past few weeks. I better stop typing now since I keep typing things in the wrong order and having to delete them so my brain is clearly not functioning properley. It wants to relax. So I will let it. Ok, well I need to just chill, sit and celebrate. So I'll catch you guys laterz.
See ya!

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